Kick-off Meeting





Bologna – Royal Hotel Carlton, via Montebello 8
June 6th, 2012

Meeting hosted at Royal Hotel Carlton, in downtown Bologna organized by Warrant Group srl. Warrant is a privately held consultancy SME company with his headquarters in Cor-reggio (RE, Italy) who provides full-spectrum consulting in business and enterprise fi-
nance. Warrant Group has been active since 1995, growing over the years to become a leader in this sector. Warrant is the Project Manager of HELM.
The HELM KO provided the opportunity to discuss the role of each partner member and review the definition of the project objectives, milestones and project planning activities. The KO meeting was also a chance to introduce all the members of the project team
to the EC Project Officer, Achilleas Stalios, who gave a foreword and illustrated EC expectations to the Consor-tium.
During the KO meeting all the project committees were des-ignated, i.e. the Steering and Technical Committee mem-bers, the representatives of the Executive Management Committee, and all other rele-vant subjects (Exploitation and Dissemination Manager, Pro-ject Risk Manager). The Coor-dinator also illustrated the philosophy of the Advisory Board and some candidates were proposed.